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    To find our Strava club, visit:

    The “Strava Segments Creation Guide” has been updated to reflect recent changes and improvements. EUC riders should now record using the “Kayak” activity, while ESK8 and OW riders shall continue using “Canoe” and “Ice Skate” respectively. If you have been recording EUC please change your previous activities to “Kayak” and if you create segments, make sure you label correctly and record using the same.

    EUC and ESK8 share the same leaderboards under kayak and canoe in Strava, while Onewheel stand alone under ice skate. If you wish to see more accurate leaderboards, please install the app “Ride Hermes” for model specific EUC and Onewheel racing.

    Hopefully in the future Strava will include our devices, and we will continue to petition them, so we don’t have to piggyback onto existing activities.

    We are always looking for volunteers to help build our SAESK8 segments on Strava. Anyone can record their ride on Strava in South Australia and check their time against the state leaderboard. Currently most of the segments that have been created in SA are for ESK8 or OW – we need more EUC volunteers to create the same segments. Let me know and I can guide you through the process!

    Please label your segments as follows (or at least include the following basic info).

    (SAESK8) Main Trail Name – Segment Name [Direction] (DEVICE – Activity)

    (SAESK8) Adelaide Parklands – Elder Park Sprint [Northbound] (ESK8 – Canoe)
    (SAESK8) Torrens Linear Park – Gilberton Swing Bridge [Westbound] (EUC – Kayak)
    (SAESK8) Cobbler Creek – Babbler Track Loop [Clockwise] (OW – Ice Skate)

    Here is the link to the new “Strava Segments Creation Guide” if you wish to help us build up the number of club segments:

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