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    Link to new interactive guide map to Adelaide (and surrounds):

    Link to folder with high-resolution JPEG reference map and PDF guide document and interactive guide document:

    Link to power outlet location list on Google Maps:

    I am glad to finally be presenting this to you after the last couple years of riding. This map and document will get you started riding electrics as a beginner in Adelaide by providing some idea of what routes are nearby your home, and how to traverse the city and surrounding areas. This is not a comprehensive list of all sealed or unsealed routes in our city, but a list of the major routes if you wish to avoid roads. This map also contains all the publicly available charging points known to our club members, and a corresponding placelist in Google Maps (which might be far more useful) can be found in the accompanying guide document for more accurate coordinates.

    A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Sid who took the simple guide map and document, and built a new interactive document in Excel – you can find the link to that new document above – it is an excellent interactive document which makes it a lot easier to navigate through the information.

    The accompanying guide document provides the following:

    Tips and tricks for ESK8 beginners

    Simple ESK8 etiquette

    Suggested start and end points on Google Maps for each route

    The total length for each route

    Surface conditions for each route

    Basic terrain and elevation for each route

    Type of wheels recommended for each route, as well as an explanation of the function of different types of wheels

    Some other route specific notes

    A Strava link for each route, which includes segments for recording time trials

    The document and the map can both be downloaded in better quality at the link above. You can download local copies to your phone or computer, whichever you feel will be most helpful to you. Feel free to distribute these to whoever wishes for such a guide.

    The document and the map may be updated in the future to include new routes or further detail. This post will be pinned to the top of the SAESK8 Facebook page and a link will be provided on our website. Updates will be uploaded to the Google Drive folder, so the most up-to-date copy will be the one available in that folder at any time.

    Thank you to everyone who was involved, from those who pointed the way for me when I was new, to providing power outlet coordinates, to representing SAESK8 in public and the many other ways you’ve helped in the fight to get electrics legalised and accepted on our home turf. This is for you and your kids, and maybe even their kids one day: so that we might have fun getting around in the future with friends and family, and help save the environment and the planet while we’re at it.

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